Monthly Archives: September 2010

Eastern Rosella

Eastern rosellas (Platycercus eximius) are a medium-size parrot. Females resemble males but with slightly duller coloration. Rosellas have red heads and breast, with white cheek patches. Their lower breast is yellow changing to green on abdomen and rump. They have black-edged, mottled feathers, with yellow or greenish-yellow coloration on back and wings. The underwing coverts […]

Australasian Magpie

The magpie is a common bird, seen in mostly in rural areas across many parts of New Zealand. It was introduced in the 1860s to help control insect pests in farmland. What do they eat? Magpies feed on small insects and animals that live on, or just under, the surface of the ground. Magpies will […]

Australian Harrier

The Australasian harrier (Circus approximans), also known as the kāhu, harrier hawk or swamp harrier, is a bird of the open country. It is often seen soaring and looking for prey, or eating dead rabbits or possums on the road. The Australasian harrier also occurs in Australia, New Guinea and many islands of the southern […]

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