Eastern rosellas (Platycercus eximius) are a medium-size parrot. Females resemble males but with slightly duller coloration. Rosellas have red heads and breast, with white cheek patches. Their lower breast is yellow changing to green on abdomen and rump. They have black-edged, mottled feathers, with yellow or greenish-yellow coloration on back and wings. The underwing coverts and outer flight feathers are blue. A rosella’s tail feathers are green to blue with red undertail coverts. The bill and feet are gray.
It lives in lightly wooded lands including savanna, forest, farmlands, gardens and parks and it eats a wide variety of grains or seeds, fruits or berries, nectar or blossoms, insects and their larvae or eggs.
It is a colourful parrot that has escaped and/or been released into the wild. It is a horticultural pest in Australia and may also affect native birds in New Zealand. It is not protected. Escaped birds have formed populations in Dunedin, Auckland and Wellington and they are now quite common in parts of the North Island.

Hear the Eastern Rosella”s call

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