Two cuckoo species breed in New Zealand. Both are migratory, arriving in spring to breed and flying north to Pacific islands for winter.
Like most cuckoos, both lay their eggs in the nests of other species, which incubate them and then rear the chicks.

Shining cuckoo
Shining cuckoos or pīpīwharauroa (Chrysococcyx lucidus) breed in Australia, Vanuatu and New Caledonia as well as New Zealand. The New Zealand subspecies overwinter in the Bismarck Archipelago and Solomon Islands, and returns to New Zealand from late September. New Zealand map . The shining cuckoo’s call – repeated ascending whistles followed by one オンライン カジノ or two long descending whistles – heralds spring.

Once they have mated and laid their one olive-green egg in a grey warbler’s nest, they are free of parental duties, but stay around for several months. They feed mainly on invertebrates, including a kōwhai-eating caterpillar. When ready to migrate they gather in flocks of several hundred.
Shining cuckoos are 16 centimetres long and weigh 25 grams. They have a metallic green back and white underparts with green bars.

Hear the Shining Cuckoo”s call