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Possum Baiting

Key points: Coverage Attractive palatable baits Bait for long enough to ensure all animals encounter bait Bait at times when animals are not breeding and natural food is short Where possible rotate baits annually Protect boundaries Monitor pests and desired outcomes Adapt to observed conditions For possum control the ideal grid is 100m x 100m […]

Mustelid Trapping

Measuring Terrestrial Invertebrates

This is important and useful because invertebrates outweigh all other terrestrial species with an estimated 20,000 – 30,000 species in NZ. Close relationships between invertebrate populations, birds and introduced predator populations exist.There are 2 widely used methods to monitor invertebrate populations: Pit Fall Traps Small containers are dug into the forest floor so invertebrates fall […]

5 Minute Bird Counts

Preparation • Is best done by one person. It is important that this person will be available to do subsequent counts. Have you: • Determined how many counts and where they will be located? • Chosen an observer who has sufficient bird identification knowledge, and is likely to be available for a number of years […]

Fish Surveying

Instructions Is your stream or pond teeming with native fish or have introduced fish taken over? You can find out with a G minnow net. Fish? What fish? You might find that there are some really interesting native fish in streams near your place. These fish might include the secretive “native trout” (grown-up […]


Lots of tiny water animals live on and under the rocks, on water plants or on bits of wood lying in the stream. These animals include insects, crustaceans, molluscs, worms and leeches. Collectively these creatures are called macroinvertebrates – insects without backbones, which can be seen without the help of a magnifying glass or microscope. […]

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