Monthly Archives: May 2012

Possum Trapping

Traps come already fixed to a wooden board for ease of use. If not you need to affix each trap to a small board. Space traps around 50m apart – not a prescribed distance. Look for signs of possum presence on trees, like bite marks and scratches, and if possible, affix the trap to these […]

Small Animal Tracking

Why use a Black Trakka? If the species you detect are regarded as pests that destroy native animals and plants , then appropriate plans and strategies can be developed to get rid of them. And once the pests are removed, the Black Trakka allows you to confirm that animals such as lizards, weta and other […]

Rodent Baiting

Rodent baiting in WaNZ projects use 1st generation Diphacinone baits, a humane and low residue form of toxin. Positioning of stations is key to successful coverage …. How to set rodent bait stations Coverage Attractive palatable baits Bait for long enough to ensure all animals encounter bait Bait at times when animals are not breeding […]

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