Traps come already fixed to a wooden board for ease of use. If not you need to affix each trap to a small board.
Space traps around 50m apart – not a prescribed distance. Look for signs of possum presence on trees, like bite marks and scratches, and if possible, affix the trap to these kinds of trees.

The trap is nailed to the tree through holes in the wooden board.
Set the trap using the steel lever, putting the tension

of the lever on the stronger top of the trap face – not the face centre as the steel is weaker here.

Adjust the tension keeping the trap as horizontal as possible.
Place the safety bar in the trap ‘mouth’.
Staple two rodent baits to the lower half of

the board.
Smear the blue attractant paste on the face of the board, in the lower part of the trap and on the pellet bait. Secure the pellet bait inside the trap.
Liberally dust the board face and tree base with white flour blaze.
Carefully remove the safety bar from the trap ‘mouth’.
The trap is now fully primed.
The traps need to be maintained on a regular basis. Dead possums need to be removed, baits replenished and the trap primed.



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