Small Animal Tracking

Why use a Black Trakka?
If the species you detect are regarded as pests that destroy native animals and plants , then appropriate plans and strategies can be developed to get rid of them. And once the pests are removed, the Black Trakka allows you to confirm that animals such as lizards, weta and other insects have returned to the area.

How does it work?
The Black Trakka consists of a lightweight polypropylene tunnel, a pre-inked tracking card for small animals (up to ferret size) and two U shaped pins to secure the Black Trakka tunnel. Lures are placed on the ink free section in the centre of the card. While an animal eats the lure, it stands on the inked section and ink is transferred from their feet to either end of the card where the tracks of the animal are recorded on the absorbent area of the card. The tracks on this section of the card do not smudge allowing for easy identification using the sample prints provided.

Peanut butter is the standard Department of Conservation lure used to attract rats and mice. 2Peanut butter will also attract weta and a variety of other insects.
The lure for ferrets, stoats and hedgehogs is raw red meat or uncooked eggs.
The ideal lure for lizards consists of a 50:50 blend of banana and honey placed in the lid of a milk bottle.
Note: If you want to track lizards the Lizard Trakka is preferable, protecting lizards from predators).

Possums can be very destructive pests too but they are too large to fit in a Black Trakka tunnel. The Trakka Pack includes a Possum Detecta – a small moulded block of wax – to determine the presence of this destructive pest. Possums are attracted to the block and usually investigate taste and texture with a few bites.

Black Trakka Tunnel Placement
Take care to be selective in your tunnel placement. Animals will use regular pathways in the grass and may hunt along the edges of waterways.Rats and mice do not have a large range . In order to detect the presence of these rodents tunnels should be placed at intervals of no more than 50 metres. When monitoring for mustelids (stoats, ferrets & weasels) tunnels should be placed at 200 metre intervals.

Black Trakkas can be covered with grass and it helps if both the inside and outside is wiped down with meat or fish to remove the human scent.


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