Welcome to Wild about New Zealand.

Wild about New Zealand is an innovative “hands-on” biodiversity investigation and action programme that provides schools and community volunteers within the Bay of Plenty the chance to help turn the tide for our native wildlife. Simple equipment and methods will help you to find out about the pests and native wildlife living near you.

Vision: Working together to turn the tide for New Zealand's biodiversity



Recent Projects

Plummers Point

Rodent control continuing with group of eager volunteers. Noel’s group are a very inventive lot and have come up with a new bait station to meet their needs (including the security of local pets). Bait is contained within a wide diameter (and well ventilated) plastic tube and secured by a cunningly conceived wire mechanism, and [...]

Sapphire Springs reserve

The new owners of the Sapphire Springs Motor Camp are planning to greatly improve the pool and camp facilities, and work through a coordinated pest management process with Wild about NZ to improve local biodiversity. Recent surveys with visiting school groups revealed the presence of the usual array of animal pests – plenty of rodents, [...]


Background Located 20 minutes from Tauranga, on Leyland Road, off Whakamarama Road, this attractive stand of native bush is located in the upper catchment of Te Puna Stream. Henry Sharplin donated the reserve to the people of Tauranga County as a scenic reserve in 1926 and since then it has been a popular walking and [...]


Whakamarama School

Background Whakamarama School is situated in a very picturesque rural location 4.7 km up Whakamarama Rd. There are a number of bush remnants on private property nearby including two blocks just down the road that use a comprehensive pest management programme to control rodents and possums. Just up the road the 40 hectare Puketoki Scenic [...]

Matahui Road School

Background Matahui Road School is a small independent primary school situated within a picturesque rural setting in Katikati in the Bay of Plenty. It was founded in 1988 by Christine Hobart and Mennie Scapens as an alternative to what was offered in the catchment area. A learning journey led the school to embrace Howard Gardner’s [...]

Katikati College

Background Katikati College is a co-educational Year 7 to 13 school. It is located in the town of Katikati which is approximately 40 km northwest of the city of Tauranga in the Western Bay of Plenty region of New Zealand. The school has an ideal setting for unleashing its Wild side – the beautiful Ureata [...]

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