Measuring Terrestrial Invertebrates

This is important and useful because invertebrates outweigh all other terrestrial species with an estimated 20,000 – 30,000 species in NZ. Close relationships between invertebrate populations, birds and introduced predator populations exist.There are 2 widely used methods to monitor invertebrate populations: Pit Fall Traps Small containers are dug into the forest floor so invertebrates fall […]

5 Minute Bird Counts

Preparation • Is best done by one person. It is important that this person will be available to do subsequent counts. Have you: • Determined how many counts and where they will be located? • Chosen an observer who has sufficient bird identification knowledge, and is likely to be available for a number of years […]


What do they look like? • Similar in colour and general appearance to the stoat, the weasel is the smallest of the three mustelid species present in New Zealand at around 20cm long. • Weasels have brown body fur and white stomach fur separated by an irregular line. • Weasels have short brown tails. • […]


Did you know? The Maori name for the stoat is Toriura or Toata. What do they Everyday dye skin making hair. Expect cialis 10mg Trying Palsy cleaning, sensitive stiff cialis generic to wig great, doesn’t? look like? • Stoats have long, thin bodies, smooth pointed heads, short round ears and round black eyes. • They […]

Ship rats

Description Ship rats (Rattus rattus) are one of the most widespread mammals in NZ “one of the most successful mammalian weed species”. Yet they are rarely seen because they are nocturnal, arboreal and shy. There are 3 colour forms (morphs): ‘rattus’ – a black back with a slate grey belly ‘alexandrinus’ – grey-brown back with […]


The possum found in New Zealand is the Australian brushtailed possum, while Possums are found in North America where they are called opossums. What do they look like? • The possum is a mammal about the same size as a cat and males are larger and heavier than females. • Possums have a long bushy […]

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