Forest Bird Slow Walk Transects

Transect Establishment • Identify a site where a transect of about 500m in length can be run across an area. • Where multiple transects are being established, there should be sufficient separation between them. If transects are running approximately parallel, they should stay about 200m apart. However, it is acceptable for one transect to lead […]


Weta,like other insects,are the children of Tane. However, early Maori thought that they were ugly and called them “punga”-the spirit of ugliness. Even nowadays lots of people don’t like creepy crawly things but they deserve to be here just as much as you or I. Next time you have the chance to see a weta […]


            There are two types of lizard in New Zealand: skinks and geckos. Those most commonly seen are small and dull-coloured. But this belies some unique adaptations to a temperate climate, and a great diversity – new species are being discovered all the time. Skinks and geckos New Zealand has […]

The importance of monitoring

Monitoring: what’s the point? Without monitoring we are guided by hunches and anecdote, rather than by real evidence that we are doing what we have set out to do. It makes sense, therefore, to establish a monitoring framework at the same time that you set out your project plan; this will allow you to evaluate […]


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