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The latest round of rodent monitoring revealed a very low number of rodents around the margins of the peninsula with just one rat and two mice leaving footprints in trakker tunnels on a sparkling clear night. That is one of the lowest rates to date and further evidence that the rodent control is effective, and becoming more economical as bait take continually falls due to low breeding numbers. With a phenomenal capacity to breed it is important to maintain management and build on this success.

omokoroa 2

In July 2010 another monitoring run was carried out. 50 trakkas were positioned overnight and gathered in the next day. This monitoring run also included the Lynley Park area, as seen in the image above. Overall results were mixed with both mouse and rat presence found.



In early May 2009 33 Black Trakkas were placed around Omokoroa Point. They were spaced at least 90m apart and GPSed for future monitoring reference and ease of locating the stations on return. Stations aimed to encompass as much of the peninsula’s circumference as practically possible.

Results, as seen below, were as follows: Rats: 6% Mice: 18% . There was also 3 recordings of hedgehog. Given the large size of the monitoring area the results are positive. The presence of weta are a sign of lack of heavy predation as both these animals are preyed upon by rats. The 2 rat recordings were found at sites where no close rodent control is underway.  When rat populations decrease, a gap is created for mice to fill and extra food is available. Mice are considered fairly non-threatening as they pose no direct risk to bird life. The main harm caused by mice involves their consumption of very small invertebrates and seeds, which interferes with our natural food web.

omo mon 0509

Zero Rats Recorded August 2008

On the 28th of August 2008 Omokoroa volunteers undertook a tracking run. 30 stations were again placed around the peninsula to provide a broad coverage. Volunteers were most excited by these latest results, reinforcing the hard work they have been doing this year.


Results, as seen above, were as follows: Rats: 0% Mice: 20% Weta: 10%. There was also a 20% recording of hedgehog. Although a pest which consumes small invertebrates and bird eggs, hedgehogs are not targeted in our pest control. The most important figure from the data is the 0% rats. This is the first time 0% has been recorded at Omokoroa and an acheivement to celebrate.


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