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Rodent control continuing with group of eager volunteers.

  • Noel’s group are a very inventive lot and have come up with a new bait station to meet their needs (including the security of local pets). Bait is contained within a wide diameter (and well ventilated) plastic tube and secured by a cunningly conceived wire mechanism, and a chunk of jandal rubber!
  • The group recently noticed a significant proliferation of rabbits and suspect they are breeding at Huharua Park. Rabbits are known to attract stoats and weasels (and were of course introduced from the UK in the late 1800s specifically for that purpose) and this may explain another recent observation – an apparent decline in bird numbers. A recent stoat and weasel outbreak in the mid-Uretara catchment has also been attributed to an ‘explosion’ of rabbit numbers due to favourable conditions this summer.

Plans 2014

  • Continue supply of bait for rodent stations, set up stoat traps and one field camera.
  • Liaise with BOPRC pest officer(s) to manage local pests collaboratively.

plummers point

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