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Located 20 minutes from Tauranga, on Leyland Road, off Whakamarama Road, this attractive stand of native bush is located in the upper catchment of Te Puna Stream. Henry Sharplin donated the reserve to the people of Tauranga County as a scenic reserve in 1926 and since then it has been a popular walking and picnic spot.

Mature tawa and the occasional mature rimu dominate the reserve and the tracks are well developed with stream crossings bridged.

Significant damage has occurred to the forest and animal life, caused mainly by possums and rodents.

Aims of the Restoration

  1. To take steps to improve forest health and restore native birdlife.
  2. To manage pests using the most effective and safe method.
  3. Share methods and information with other groups and landowners to foster ecological restoration of other reserves and bush fragments.
  4. Identify and control invasive weeds.

Methods used to achieve the aim:

Community volunteers use pest baits and traps located on 8 bait lines spaced approximately 50m apart.

Friends of Puketoki History [PDF]

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Bird counts

Possum control

Rodent control and monitoring

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