Wild about Waihi projects provide a stimulating learning context for primary and secondary students and the resources included below support the aims of a number of curricula and those in Guidelines for Environmental Education in New Zealand Schools, Ministry of Education(1999).

Creating an awareness and understanding of environmental issues and involving students in effective decision-making are key aims of environmental education and also core objectives of Wild about Zealand. Everyone has a part they can play in restoring New Zealand’s biodiversity, from simply raising awareness to more ambitious pest management or habitat restoration projects.

See Getting Started and Projects to see how your could plan a project to suit your skills, time and resources.

If you have or know of a resource you think worthy of being included, we’d love for you to contribute it. Please contact us for more information.

Publisher Subject Level
Auckland Regional Council Science/Social Studies 3-4 Interesting and challenging activities to introduce students to biodiversity issues and some possible actions.
Karori Sanctuary Social Studies 2-4 Includes Pests and Predators interactive exercise that shows the devastation introduced animals can cause to New Zealand’s indigenous environment.
Te Kete Ipurangi Social Studies Year 12 Outline of a year 12 course, Sustainable Futures, created by Christchurch Girls’ High School.
NZ Ecological Society Science and Social Studies Year 4-10 An introduction to ecology and our unique wildlife, including an interactive game to help students understand threats and opportunities confronting tiaki tui.
Insects and spiders General information on insects and spiders suitable for levels 2 and 3 of the Science curriculum, “Making Sense of the Living World”. Primary students in years 2-6.
Nga-Manu Nature Reserve Excellent online teaching resources from Nga Manu Reserve on the Kapiti Coast. Includes study sheets, images, posters and powerpoint presentations.
NIWA Water and Atmosphere This page relates articles in recent issues of Water & Atmosphere online to the NZ Curriculum and the subject matrices for the NCEA Achievement Standards and, in some cases, Unit Standards (indicated by US).
Water for all Oxfam water resource site containing lesson plans and activities for students aged between 9-13 year old.
Weedbusters This is an Action Oriented Approach for learning about environmental weeds. Follow the link to get a broad picture of the way these resources could fit into an environmental project, such as, stream or forest restoration
Weeds A website to encourage teachers to use weeds as a learning context in their teaching, to encourage students to learn how weeds impact on New Zealand’s unique environment. Includes resources and learning activities. Primary school.
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