Wild About NZ

Working together to turn the tide for New Zealand’s biodiversity.

wild about nZ

Working together to turn the tide for New Zealand’s biodiversity.

Let's get Wild about New Zealand

Wild about New Zealand is a community based biodiversity monitoring and action programme. Community groups and schools are resourced and supported to monitor areas of land and/or waterways of their choice on a regular basis.

This means that, along with learning about all the interactions that occur within their environment, groups can build up a picture of the biodiversity status near their place and identify some of the most serious threats to local wildlife. Using this information, they can then plan appropriate actions to restore or enhance the biodiversity – turning the tide for their local wildlife.

Biodiversity Programme

The Wild about New Zealand programme has been developed around other successful programmes and we hope it will both compliment and support work being carried out by other organisations and agencies.

Regional and local councils have a statutory responsibility to protect biodiversity under the Resource Management Act (RMA) 1991 and the Local Government Act. This includes both the protection of our natural heritage and the control of plant and animal pests.


Creating an awareness and understanding of environmental issues and involving students in effective decision-making are key aims of environmental education and also core objectives of Wild about Zealand.


Create a continually updated database that identifies the distribution of key wild indicator species and pest species. Use collected data and other information to assess the biodiversity status and opportunities for improvement.

Restore Biodiversity

Engage the local community (including schools) in activities that explore attitudes and values, and encourage commitment to long-term improvement of biodiversity. Contribute to and strengthen local and regional initiatives to restore biodiversity.

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Biodiversity Projects

Help to develop and strengthen partnerships between landowners, local government, other agencies and interest groups involved in biodiversity recovery projects.

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